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Customers all across the country look for professional and dedicated logistics and transportation companies to move their goods and consignments to predestined venues in a timely, safe and efficient manner. We at High Seas understand this and offer the best and affordable railway transport that best suits your needs.

With our rail transport services, you can have the following advantages:

  • Delivery rates that are affordable and in between the air and surface cargo service
  • Complete tracking of shipments and real time updates
  • Best possible value for your money
  • Assured movement of goods and belongings within hours of shipment booking
  • Round-the-clock services in all seasons and weather conditions
  • Mass transport at high speed
  • Lower transportation restrictions compared to road carriers
  • Quick and easy transportation of large quantity of goods on medium or long distances at relatively lower costs
  • Time bound delivery services
  • Comprehensive risk coverage facility
  • Lower risks of damage or loss of goods.

Rail transport is undeniably the most reliable traffic mode and offers flexibility in transportation of commercial or non-commercial goods. Our rail cargo service is specially designed to meet inventory supply chain management and in efficient, quick and cost effective movement of light and bulky goods.

Our team of professionals remain dedicated in providing seamless rail cargo service to customers and hold expertise in:

  • Proper inspection of packaging materials and containers
  • Preventing unnecessary loss or damage of goods during transit process
  • Repackaging if required
  • Tracking and monitoring shipments
  • Evaluation of risk factors of products
  • Development of systematic risk management programmes to enhance operations
  • Implementation of latest measures in customer support.

As a quality driven company, we strive to maintain long term relationship with our clients and continually improve our services to garner new customers. We value the business and time of our valued clients and hence provide fastest and comprehensive rail cargo solutions.

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